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Uttarakhand Uniform Civil Code | What does the bill entail?

 Uttarakhand Uniform Civil Code | What does the bill entail?

On February 7, the Uttarakhand Assembly passed the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill, becoming the first legislature in independent India to pass a law that proposes common rules on marriage, divorce, inheritance of property, and live-in relationships for all citizens, irrespective of their religion.

This stems from Article 44 of the Constitution (Directive Principles of State Policy) which although not enforceable, obligates the State to strive to implement such a uniform law. The Bill will now be sent to the President for her assent after which it will become a law.

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It applies to all residents of Uttarakhand except the tribal community which constitutes 2.9% of the State’s population. The community has been averse to a UCC from the very beginning.

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