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Innovative programmes bring laurels to school

Innovative programmes bring laurels to school


A slew of innovative programmes organised during the just concluded academic year has brought SNDP Higher Secondary School, Udayamperoor, much deserved laurels when it was selected as the ‘Innovative School’ in the district in the higher secondary category in a contest organised by the Education department in association with Sarva Shiksha Kerala.

Initially, the school that boasts 3,300 students and over 100 faculty members had made a presentation of around 10 novel programmes at the Block Resource Centre (BRC) level following which it was selected as the most innovative school in the Thripunithura BRC. That qualified the school for the district-level contest with schools from all other BRCs in the district. The school will now contest at the State level.

“Collective efforts of students, teachers, parents, and the school management are at the heart of the success of the innovative programmes. For the forthcoming academic year, we are planning more such programmes including the one to ensure that none of our students leave the school without being able to read, write and knowing the basics of mathematics. The idea is to give extra attention to students who need special care and subject them to social auditing so that there is a transparency about the whole process,” said Smitha Karun, Malayalam faculty member and the brain behind the innovative ideas.

‘Haritham Anandam’ was one of the programmes organised by the school during the last academic year whereby 100 student volunteers from the school were given the task of ensuring proper disposal of plastic waste in 50 households in their neighbourhood.

The programme ‘One Classroom Turns a Book’ saw students in a classroom taking up a book and convey its theme in a creative way, including by assuming the characters of the book. Then during the Teacher’s Day, roles were reversed as students donned the role of teachers while teachers turned students.

During the postal day, students wrote emotional letters to their mothers and during the Children’s Day, students came dressed up as the professionals they want to be in the future besides sticking on their body the research notes about what need to be done to achieve their professional goal.

The school observed the Kerala Formation Day as students converted 14 classrooms into 14 districts by decorating the classrooms accordingly, throwing light on the artistic, cultural and social heritage of each district.


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