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DCC opposes K. Sudhakaran’s choice of candidate in Kannur

In an unexpected development, the Congress leaders in Kannur district have vehemently opposed Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president K. Sudhakaran’s choice of candidate for the Kannur Lok Sabha seat. The District Congress Committee leaders have reportedly conveyed their concerns to Mr. Sudhakaran and the party leadership, cautioning them against backing KPCC general secretary K. Jayanth due to fears of reduced electoral prospects.

The fate of the United Democratic Front (UDF) in Kannur now hinges on Mr. Sudhakaran’s decisions. The KPCC president, who initially opted out of the race, subsequently reversed his decision creating a lot of uncertainty, with multiple contenders emerging. However, his recent indication to the screening committee of his desire to withdraw from the election, citing health concerns and the challenge of simultaneously holding the roles of KPCC president and MP, has infused further confusion to the Congress camp.

Meanwhile, the discontent against Mr. Jayanth has spilled over onto social media, with protests gaining momentum online. Reports suggest that the DCC leadership is backing prominent women candidates and youth leader V.P. Abdul Rashid for the seat.

Should Mr. Sudhakaran persist with his stance, it could present a significant challenge for the Congress High Command in identifying a suitable candidate for Kannur.

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