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Limits of liberty in relations

Probably it is a million-dollar question. No one knows the correct answer to this. We enjoy freedom with, and also give freedom to, different people in our lives at different stages.

When young and at school age, parents are given more authority to control, follow, and censure if the child makes mistakes and reward and appreciate for good deeds. Here also mostly I found a mother scores over the father, be it a boy or girl. In my life, I have seen a couple of friends when young will not talk directly to their fathers. Strange!

During college days, we start having our personal life and personal preferences among friends. We consider certain friends close and some we try to keep at an arms length or more. It depends on the individual. However, even this closeness never lasts long. With professions separating us, certain friendships slowly fade away. Yet we try to catch up with the old bonhomie when we meet certain friends. Here too some become alienated with time. They become strangers to us and vice versa. But the closeness and freedom to talk about whatever one feels are restricted. Certain friends take us for granted or we allow them to take the liberty to comment whatever they want. In certain cases, even if we don’t like that, just brush them aside to maintain the friendship.

I have come across certain people in my own family or friends who tried to take undue advantage since I have given them more freedom to talk about what they like. At some point, we should put our foot down and make them realise their folly in crossing the limits. If we don’t do it out of courtesy at one or many points, we will be at the receiving end. At that stage, it is not wise to keep quiet. We must show them their place and just quit.

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