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Makeup Tricks: 5 brilliant makeup tricks used by famous makeup artists | – Times of India

Famous makeup artists are renowned for their ability to create stunning looks that enhance natural beauty and transform faces into works of art. Here are five brilliant makeup tricks commonly used by these experts:
Primer Power: Makeup artists swear by the importance of using a primer before applying foundation. A primer creates a smooth canvas by filling in pores and fine lines, ensuring that makeup stays put all day.Additionally, certain primers can address specific skin concerns, such as oiliness or redness, creating the perfect base for flawless makeup application.

Concealer Magic: Concealer is a makeup artist’s secret weapon for achieving a flawless complexion. Beyond just covering dark circles and blemishes, makeup artists use concealer strategically to highlight and contour the face. By applying concealer to areas like the under eyes, bridge of the nose, and high points of the face, they can create dimension and luminosity, resulting in a sculpted and radiant look.
Blending Mastery: The key to achieving seamless makeup looks lies in mastering the art of blending. Makeup artists use blending techniques to seamlessly meld different shades and textures together for a cohesive finish. Whether it’s blending eyeshadows for a gradient effect or seamlessly buffing foundation into the skin, impeccable blending is essential for achieving professional-looking results.
Multi-Tasking Products: Makeup artists love products that offer versatility and can serve multiple purposes. By using multi-tasking products like cream blushes that double as lip colors or highlighters that can be mixed with foundation for a dewy finish, they can streamline their makeup routines and create cohesive looks with minimal effort.


Setting Techniques: Setting makeup is crucial for ensuring longevity and preventing it from budging throughout the day. Makeup artists use a combination of setting powders, sprays, and techniques to lock makeup in place. They often employ “baking” or “cooking” techniques, where translucent powder is applied generously to areas like the under eyes and left to set for a few minutes before brushing away the excess, resulting in a crease-free and long-lasting finish.

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