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Have You Ever Had a Bad Therapist? Tell Us About It.

People who have benefited from mental health therapy often praise its upsides, which can include developing better coping skills, stronger relationships and a calmer mind.

But what happens when a therapist just isn’t helping, or is actually causing harm? A psychologist may send up red flags for a client by yawning during sessions, running late every week or giving bad advice.

Patients can report unethical behavior to a counselor’s state licensing board, but there isn’t always a recourse for someone who feels as though a therapist has been poorly trained or is inexperienced or just bad at the job. At this time, there is no federal agency responsible for regulating psychotherapy.

Have you ever signed up for therapy but quit after ineffective or even offensive treatment? We want to hear from you. If you do reach out, a reporter may be in contact for permission to share your story in an upcoming article.

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