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Science Museum in London opens Adani Green Energy Gallery

Sagar AdaniExecutive Director, AGEL
| Photo Credit: jaishankar

The Adani Group said the Science Museum in London, UK, had opened ‘Energy Revolution: The Adani Green Energy Gallery’, a major new free gallery which explores how the world can generate and use energy more sustainably to urgently decarbonise and to limit dangerous climate change.

Through striking displays of contemporary and historic objects from the U.K. and abroad, interactive digital exhibits, and specially commissioned models, the gallery shows how the past, present and future are shaped by human imagination and innovation and explores how we all have a role to play in deciding our energy future, the Adani Group said in a statement.

Sagar Adani, Executive Director, AGEL, said, “The Science Museum has put together the world’s best curated gallery on energy transition. As one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, we are committed to making progress towards net zero – and there is no greater resource in the fight against climate change than education.”

“Through the sponsorship of the gallery, we aim to inspire young minds, scientists and innovators to imagine a future powered by clean energy and build a carbon-free world. It is an initiative to stimulate their interest, curiosity and awareness, and encourage their active participation in creating clean technologies,” he said.

“The gallery brings together the global community to enable the shift towards energy efficiency, clean energy adoption and carbon emissions reduction,” he added.

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