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Manu Bhaker in top form in sports pistol yet again

Manu Bhaker
| Photo Credit: The Hindu

Olympian Manu Bhaker was once again in exceptional form as she signed off from the 25-metre sports pistol event with a 42-35 victory over Abhidnya Patil in the fourth Olympic shooting trials at the Madhya Pradesh Academy on Tuesday.

It was the second time that the 22-year-old Manu was touching the world record. She matched Kim Yeji of Korea’s world record of 42 set in Baku World Cup earlier this month.

Manu had shot 47 in the first trial in Delhi, with seven perfect rounds of five. Esha Singh, who had won the third trial with a 43-40 margin over Manu, was beaten to the third spot by Simranpreeet Kaur Brar.

World record holder and Olympic quota winner in the event, Rhythm Sangwan finished fifth. Rhythm had lost the race for pinning one of the two Olympic slots in the event, and has already sharpened her chances in air pistol.

In men’s 25-metre rapid fire pistol, Vijayveer Sidhu further strengthened his chances of retaining the Olympic quota by winning the final 34-30 against Anish Bhanwala. Adarsh Singh rose to the third spot ahead of Ankur Gooel and Bhavesh Shekhawat.

The Olympic trials will continue with the men’s and women’s 50-metre rifle 3-position event on Wednesday.

In the men’s rifle 3-position event, Olympians Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar and Chain Singh were breathing down the neck of Olympic quota winners Swapnil Kusale and Akhil Sheoran.

In the women’s event, Ashi Chouksey was marginally ahead of Asian Games gold medallist and world record holder Sift Kaur Samra and Olympian Anjum Moudgil. Olympic quota winner Shriyanka Sadangi was further down along with Nischal after two trials.

The results:

Men: 25m rapid fire pistol: 1. Vijayveer Sidhu 34 (581); 2. Anish Bhanwala 30 (583); 3. Adarsh Ssingh 25 (583); 4. Ankur Goel 20 (583); 5. Bhavesh Shekhawat 18 (581).

Women: 25m sports pistol: 1. Manu Bhaker 42 (586); 2. Abhidnya Patil 35 (582); 3. Simranpreet Kaur Brar 30 (564); 4. Esha Singh 27 (586); 5. Rhythm Sangwan 20 (584).

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