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Jagan declared the winner after dead-heat in Pro-Stock 165cc Open

Jagan Kumar, winner of Pro-Stock 165cc Open in a dead-heat finish, flanked by second-placed Sarthak Chavan (left) and third-placed Deepak Ravikumar on July 7, 2024. Special Arragement

History was scripted at the Madras International Circuit on Sunday when a dead-heat finish, involving two TVS Racing team-mates Jagan Kumar and Sarthak Chavan, was decided in favour of the former on the basis of the fastest lap of the race (Pro-Stock 165CC) as the second round of the MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2024 came to a thrilling finish.

Old-timers believe that it is the first time in Indian racing history that two competitors had the same timing at the finish, requiring the fastest lap provision to be implemented to decide the winner. Jagan Kumar, a 10-time National champion, and his TVS Racing team-mate 17-year-old Sarthak Chavan crossed the finish line together, clocking the same timing. Jagan was declared winner because he had posted the fastest lap of the six-lap race.

The result denied Sarthak an all-win record across both Pro-Stock categories, the 301-400cc Open and the 165cc Open. Earlier in the day, Sarthak had achieved a double in the higher class and looked set for a clean sweep before the photo-finish which went in Jagan’s favour.

Provisional results (All Six laps unless mentioned):

National Championship – Pro-Stock 301-400cc Open (Race-2): 1. Sarthak Chavan (TVS Racing) (11min, 06.298sec); 2. Chiranth Vishwanath (TVS Racing) (11:06.388); 3. Deepak Ravikumar (TVS Racing) (11:10.557).

Pro-Stock 165cc Open (Race-2): 1. Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) (11:37.786); 2. Sarthak Chavan (11:37.786); 3. Deepak Ravikumar (11:44.162).

Girls (Stock 165cc) Race-2 (5 laps): 1. Jagathishree Kumaresan (One Racing) (11:04.106); 2. Ryhana Bee (Motul Sparks Racing) (11:04.182); 3. A.S. Ann Jennifer (Alpha Racing India) (11:04.327).

Novice (Stock165cc) Race-2: 1. Abdul Basim (Rockers Racing) (12:56.217); 2. Tasmai Cariappa (Motul Sparks Racing) (13:07.206); 3. Lal Nunsanga (Motul Sparks Racing) (13:07.502).

Stock 301-400cc (Novice) Race-2: 1. C. Pradeep (Private) (12:20.775); 2. Raj Kumar (RDX Torque Racing) (12:27.930); 3. Varun Nanjundegowda (Gusto Racing India) (02:03.803).

Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup – Open (NSF 250R) Race-2 (8 laps): 1. Mohsin Paramban (15:07.015); 2. Savion Sabu (15:10.965); 3. A.S. James (15:15.953).

TVS One-Make Championship: Open (Apache RR310) Race-2: 1. Manoj Yesuadiyan (11:47.555); 2. P. Jayanth (11:53.712); 3. V. Lokesh (11:55.233).

Rookie (Apache RTR 200) Race-2: 1. Harshit V Bogar (13:20.972); 2. C.S. Kedarnath (13:26.089); 3. A.S. Rajivsham (13:44.946).

TVS Electric RTE (3 laps): 1. Sarthak Chavan (05:34.704); 2. Chiranth Vishwanath (05:35.877); 3. Alwin Sundar (05:42.046).

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