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Sadhguru Health Update: Sadhguru discharged from hospital after urgent brain surgery | – Times of India

Renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru has been discharged from a Delhi hospital following a critical brain surgery, signaling a positive turn in his health journey. The spiritual guru underwent emergency medical intervention on March 17, 2024, after experiencing severe headaches for several weeks.

Sadhguru, known for his commitment to his schedule, had been dealing with persistent headaches for approximately four weeks before the situation escalated.Despite enduring the pain, he continued with his engagements, including the MahaShivaratri event on March 8, 2024.

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Image: ANI

Concern heightened when Sadhguru’s headaches intensified upon his arrival in Delhi on March 14, 2024. Acting on medical advice, he underwent an urgent MRI, which revealed a significant brain bleed, both chronic and recent, requiring immediate attention.
PTI released a video of Isha Foundation founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev being discharged from the hospital.

In a statement, Sadhguru acknowledged the severity of his condition, admitting that he had ignored the persistent headaches for too long, prioritising his commitments over his health. Despite medical recommendations for hospitalisation, he chose to fulfill his obligations.
However, on March 17, 2024, Sadhguru’s health took a sudden downturn, marked by worsening neurological symptoms and debilitating headaches. Admitted to the hospital, he underwent emergency brain surgery, conducted by a team of specialists led by Dr Vinit Suri.

Post-surgery, Sadhguru exhibited remarkable progress, defying medical expectations with his rapid recovery. Dr Suri expressed astonishment at the extent of Sadhguru’s improvement, attributing it partially to his own self-healing capabilities alongside medical intervention.
Sadhguru’s dedication to his commitments, despite grave health challenges, shows his determination. His successful recovery serves is a proof to the importance of timely medical intervention and the human spirit’s capacity to overcome adversity.

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