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Mother-in-law sparks debate after ‘ruining’ $9,000 gender reveal party

A father has expressed his frustrations after his and his wife’s gender reveal party was “ruined” by his mother.

Candace and Wesley are TikTokers known for their family videos with their twins and new child on the way. One of their recent videos features Wesley relaying the story about a gender reveal party.

He started off the TikTok by claiming that his mother ruined their party, which cost $9,000 to throw, and his wife wants to “cut her off” because of it. He then asked viewers for their advice on what he should do.

The reason for the lavish party, according to Wesley, was because he and Candace were “broke” when she gave birth to their twins, so he wanted to save up enough money to throw a large gender reveal party. But things took a wrong turn when his mother, Michelle, got involved.

Michelle had sent Candace a text message, offering to help plan the party, which she declined as her mother and sister are flying in to help her because they rarely get to with the distance.

As a consolation for Michelle, who was clearly offended, Candace said: “But we might need help setting up on the day of if you can get there at 2.30!”

According to the TikToker, Michelle bluntly responded: “Am I getting paid?”

Confused, Candace asked her mother-in-law why she thought she’d be getting paid for helping out, especially since she’d offered to help.

“Because I’m not your f***ing maid,” Michelle replied.

Candace then burst into tears and ran to show Wesley the texts.

“There is a grand total of zero people that is ever going to cuss out my wife,” Wesley said protectively in the clip.

He then made a 10-second phone call to his mom, telling her to never speak to his wife like that again and uninviting her from the gender reveal. According to the TikToker, he then hung up and blocked her number.

His mother had reportedly attempted to apologise multiple times to get an invite to the party, but Wesley said he stuck with his decision. “We appreciate your apologies, but you crossed the line, and you’re not coming,” he told her.

On the day of the party, his mother tried again to earn an invite, which Wesley refused. Once the party started, Candace changed her mind and told her husband to invite his mother.

The couple waited for her to arrive, but started the 60-second countdown to revealing the gender after getting impatient. But at second 13, the fire alarm went off, according to Wesley.

The venue was plunged into darkness, and the sprinkler system wet everyone, with Wesley recalling how guests scrambled outside and waited for the fire department to arrive.

Meanwhile, Wesley said Michelle was found sitting outside, nonchalantly smoking a cigarette amid the chaos.

Wesley and Candace asked her if she set off the alarm, but she reportedly denied it. After posting the video, it went on to receive over three million views, with many people assuming that Michelle did it despite her claim she hadn’t.

“She definitely set the alarm off!!” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “She absolutely did it. And I commend you hugely for how you take care of your wife & her mental health!”

“See if the venue has inside camaras,” a third commenter suggested. “If you find proof, I would go non-contact with mom and either press charges or sue in small claims for the cost of the party.”

Other commenters were more concerned with the price of the gender reveal party.

“First question. Why would you spend $9,000 on gender reveal??” one commenter questioned.

“$9,000 for a gender reveal?? That’s insanely hilarious!!!” another person wrote.

The Independent has contacted Candace, Wesley, and Michelle for comment.

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