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35 students fall sick after eating Upma contaminated with lizard – Times of India

School hostels are said to be a safe and secure place for kids living away from families. But sometimes carelessness takeover the front seat and leads to accidents. And something similar happened in Telangana that left people shocked.

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As per reports, students residing at a government girls’ hostel in Telangana fell sick after they allegedly found a lizard in their breakfast.At least 35 students from the TG Model School in Ramayampet experienced symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea after consuming upma and one student noticed a lizard in the meal, states PTI report.
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After the incident, 17 students were taken to a primary health centre (PHC), while two other students with severe stomach pain were shifted to another hospital. Later, an additional 70 students were taken to the health centre for a checkup. The students were kept under observation for six hours to monitor for symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, loose motions, and high fever. After no such symptoms were observed and except for two students with stomach pain, the remaining 15 students were discharged from the hospital.

As per the authorities, the staff of TG Model School in Ramayampet of negligence and fired at least 2 cooks after the incident took place.
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If local media reports are to be believe, health officials have collected samples of the food for further investigation, and the cause of contamination is yet to be officially determined.
The authority has reportedly issued a show cause notice to a hostel caretaker and a Special Officer.
In reaction to the carelessness by the hostel, angry parents reached out to the school and demanded “strict hygiene measures” in the kitchens of TG Model School.
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