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Kate Beckinsale Details How Grief Led To Weekslong Hospital Stay

Kate Beckinsale explained what led to her weekslong hospitalization earlier this year as lashed out Monday at a cruel Instagram commenter.

While responding to a troll mocking her weight under a video of Beckinsale dancing in her underwear, the star revealed she was hospitalized with a hole in her esophagus from the stress of her stepfather director Roy Battersby’s death and her mother Judy Loe’s cancer diagnosis.

The post was already a clap-back to body-shaming critics, captioned with lyrics to the Kanye West song “Runaway,” that said, “Let’s have a toast for the douche bags / Let’s have a toast for the assholes / Let’s have a toast for the scumbags.”

When someone suggested the “Serendipity” actor “go do some squats,” saying her “ass ran away,” Beckinsale responded with a harrowing health update.

“No, actually, I watched my stepfather die quite shockingly, my mother has stage 4 cancer, and I lost a lot of weight from stress and grief,” she wrote.

Beckinsale’s stepfather died in January after “a brief period of illness,” according to an Instagram Story she shared at the start of the year.

The star went on to reveal how she was hospitalized for six weeks “because the grief had burned a hole in my oesophagus,” causing her to “vomit copious amounts of blood” and have trouble eating.

Kate Beckinsale attends the 2024 King’s Trust Global Gala in New York on May 2. She gave a detailed account of her health struggles after facing body-shamers in the comments of an Instagram post.

Taylor Hill via Getty Images

She continued, “I just worked very very hard on a movie that was actually quite triggering because it also involved the theme of the death of my father so l’m not really concerned about what you think about my ass.”

Going all in on the hater, Beckinsale profanely added, “Maybe you should worry about your own fucking ass. I suggest shoving something up it-like a large pineapple or a brick.”

The star first revealed she was sick in a since-deleted March Instagram post from the hospital.

Posting in honor of U.K. Mother’s Day, she thanked her mom for being able to “turn up when we are sick and sit with us. And send balloons and check in and pull us out of wells with love.”

While making her first red carpet appearance since her health scare in early May, she told People magazine that it’s “been a rough year.”

Later that month, Beckinsale shared she had been diagnosed with a Mallory Weiss tear, a common rip at the junction of the lower esophagus and stomach, while responding to another batch of weight-shamers.

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