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Impact of AI: Future Mobility, Pre-owned Vehicles and Sustainability to see impact

AI-driven cars: At the  Republic Business Emerging Tech Awards (RBETA) 2024, a panel of five speakers shared their insights about how AI can impact modeling future mobility, the pre-owned used car market, and sustainability. Let’s deep dive into the insights shared by our guest speakers.

Let’s deep dive into what our speakers had to say on the impact:

AI in Sustainability:

AI and its integrations are happening by electrification since the system is shifting from the ICE age era. Ajay Chhabra said, ”The kind of batteries we are having, the kind of electronics which are there in the vehicle these days. These are all the new technology innovations that are making the vehicles go vroom vroom,”

“Apart from that, we are moving from manually driven cars to autonomous cars, which is only and only possible if we have enough and more rich data,” Chhabra said.

As per Jasleen, AI has been integrated and has a big impact on automation, resulting in processes becoming shorter and simpler. She said, “Started with EV I think it was right hitting the chord because currently when we are talking about the automobile industry, you can’t talk about the industry if we are not talking about the influx of sustainability and EV into the industry,”

“There are multiple reports and research that suggest that the circular economy, plant consumption, and carbon emission, can be drastically dragged down. if we have both AI and sustainability coming into the automobile industry,” Kaur said.

AI in Pre-Owned car market:

The pre-owned used car market is a diverse sector and it is not very well organised as per industry standards. However, the market is still booming, and the demand for used cars is also improving. Prithvi Radhakrishna said, “Organizing the used car market in a better way through AI and through multiple online platforms, I think it’s just going to create a unique buying experience for the customers,”

AI in Future Mobility:

The transportation and mobility sector is booming rapidly and undergoing technological advancements as well. With the emergence of the EV sector and a shift from ICEage to electrification, the integration of AI will not only enhance safety standards but will also improve the user experience.

Pavan Puri said, “We are going through a transformation in the automotive sector right now. Five or ten years ago if you remember for us electronics in cars used to be power steering and power windows. Today, we are talking about level one or level two ADAS. We are talking of connected cars. We’re talking about autonomous.”

“We have all kinds of gadgets and gizmos in the car as well, that will make our lives easier and safer,” Puri said.

Aditya Nanda said, “The EV sector or alternate fuel vehicle sector is going at a CAGR of around 49.8 per cent. By 2030, we are envisaging that we’ll have almost eight crore alternate fuel vehicles in India, primarily being led by EV, because they started early.”

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